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The concept was launched in 2018, has been visited from all countries in the world and is visited from 174 countries per week on average.

The project was originally started by PageSpeed.PRO as a demo environment to prove new technologies for international SEO and website performance.

Free tools by PageSpeed.PRO: critical CSS generator and website tests.

The platform has maintained top 10 positions in Google in many regions of the world for more than four years. As an example, today in 2023 the platform ranks #1 in Google for the high traffic search term "citroën ami" in many countries in the world.

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Google Advertising revenue

With several years dedication the international online platform can reach a Google AdSense advertising revenue of €40.000 to €100.000 EUR per year.

Import/export business opportunity

Daily, hundreds of buyers from almost all countries in the world send a purchase request for an electric scooter that is not yet available in their country.

For some countries the purchase requests are automatically forwarded to local business partners for handling and over 50.000 purchase requests are currently pending to be fulfilled. The pending purchase requests may have a direct collectable revenue value of 30 million Euro. The hundreds of new request per day can generate a business worth 50 million Euro per year or more.

Expansion opportunity

By expanding into specialized categories such as light motorcycles, small EVs, boats or for example APEs and small trucks in India, the Google advertising revenue potential can be 5 to 10 times as much.

India is the biggest market for scooters in the world with 19 million sales of new scooters per year.

In the next few years it is expected that over a billion people in India will start using the internet for the first time and they prefer their local language. About two months ago the platform for India was made available in several local languages.


Google is specifically targeting it: google next billion users

The Indian Government as well:

With several years effort it is possible to reach up 100 million serious buyers per year globally.

Premium domains

The international platform has several premium domains that could be worth more than € 25,000 Euro, 'undeveloped'. For example or '' (σκούτερ.ελ).

Strategic partner for international online success

Optionally, paired with the sale, the internet optimization technology company PageSpeed.PRO can maintain a role as equity holding business partner to help secure the international online success of the online platform.

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