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Google Analytics is part of an international platform that has been created for the purpose of promoting clean mobility solutions.

The concept was launched in 2018, has been visited from all countries in the world and is visited from 174 countries per week on average.

Daily, hundreds of buyers from almost all countries in the world send a purchase request for an electric scooter that is not yet available in their country.

While for some countries the purchase requests are automatically forwarded to local business partners for handling, over 30.000 purchase requests are currently pending to be fulfilled.

There is a great opportunity available in facilitating a truly global international logistics service that enables buyers from any country to purchase vehicles from other countries at the lowest cost and with the highest quality reliability.

The business model could be transactional so that it can scale efficiently and is low risk at greater scale.

For some scooter models from Asian countries buyers in Europe are easily interested to pay up to 3,000 Euro more so that there could be a significant margin for some newly released models from around the world.

The pending purchase requests may have a direct collectable revenue value of 30 million Euro. The hundreds of new request per day can generate a business worth 50 million Euro per year or more.

We are looking for a business partner that has the capacity and the talent required to build a successful and innovative business.

Financial investment required.

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