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Google Analytics is part of an international platform that has been created for the purpose of promoting clean mobility solutions.

The concept was launched in 2018, has been visited from all countries in the world and is visited from 174 countries per week on average.

2018: electric scooter market in trouble

Back in 2018, in the Netherlands, many e-scooter startups went bankrupt and access to electric scooters was limited, while the Netherlands, together with Norway, was a pioneer in EV in Europe.

Even today in 2021, importers of some major brands, such as Kymco with +20,000 of eager waiting buyers (derived from the number of requests on this guide), refuse to sell electric scooters and continue to sell its lucrative petrol scooters. This indicated that a transition to electric may be much more difficult in many other countries, for billions of buyers globally, in the next decades or even longer.

💸 Money maker for scooter sellers: maintenance service

The biggest money maker for local scooter sellers (dealerships) has been maintenance service. With electric scooters, literally up to 90% of maintenance costs would be saved. This causes a major problem for the old business model of dealerships and it prevents a transition to electric scooters in many countries.

Online guide: a helper for the market intended to help promote electric scooters to show buyers that alternatives to petrol scooters are already available, for the purpose of promotion of a transition to clean mobility for healthy air quality in cities.

Increasingly, EV startups are smaller companies with smaller budgets that do not have funds for international sales and logistics. The online guide makes it easy for buyers in any country to get an overview of the latest electric vehicles from around the world.

In July 2021, an import request form was added on scooter pages and already over 150.000 buyers have submitted a request for purchase.

💱 Import/export business model

Importing vehicles can be a rewarding business activity. Customers can prepay a fee for the import service so that the business model does not need to require upfront capital investments and responsibility for vehicle warranty and maintenance service can be diverted to the customer in exchange for a factory price (lowest price in the market) so that the business model can be pure transaction based and therefore has a low risk.

The customers will be very happy with a low purchase price and access to the latest vehicles today. Wealthy buyers may be interested to pay a higher fee for access to exclusive vehicles from other countries while they could still save money by purchasing at factory price.

Paired with a scooter and moped import service it is possible to offer additional services, such as warranty support service, insurance, finance and maintenance service. These services can be provided at an additional charge to the customer.

In a partnership with your company will remain independent and will have direct contact with the customers. All funds will be received by your company and that also means that your company will be fully responsible for service quality for customers.

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