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E-Simson (S50) by Simson Schrauberwerkstatt Schweina

Simson S50 electric conversion moped
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Screenshot from 2020-10-20 16-06-08 85
Simson S50 electric conversion moped 85
Battery18650 Lithium
Range120 km
Charge Timeminutes
made in Germany  


BrandSimson Schrauberwerkstatt Schweina
Speed25 and 45 km/h
Weight86 kg
Battery18650 Lithium
Range120 km

* Pictures by MDR Fernsehen

The E-Simson is an electric conversion of the legendary moped Simson S50 from Germany, made by small motorcycle restoration shop Simson Schrauberwerkstatt Schweina from Germany.

Vietnam Simson S50 postal stamp 2 rielsThe Simson S50 is a classic moped of which more than 1.6 million were produced between 1975 and 1991. In Germany, the moped was permitted a top speed of 60 km/h (Kleinkraftrad). The moped also became popular in many other countries. In Vietnam, the moped received its own postal stamp.

Simson mopeds became an icon in Germany. Its most iconic model, the Schwalbe, has already been re-introduced as an electric version by manufacturer Govecs, one of the biggest manufacturers of electric scooters.

simson logoThe history of Simson is long, from the beginnings of the original Simson & Co. steelworks producing guns and gun barrels in 1856, to the production of bicycles in 1896 and cars in 1907, to the exile of the Jewish founding family in 1936 and the post-WWII reboot of the company in former East Germany (German Democratic Republic, or DDR) making mopeds, motorcycles, and scooters. In 1975, the S50 model went into production which was followed by the S51 model in 1980.

The E-Simson (S50) by Simson Schrauberwerkstatt Schweina has a powerful in-wheel (hub) electric motor for a restricted top speed of 45 km/h.

The moped has a Lithium battery for a driving range up to 120 km.

The moped can be fully customized on request. The restoration shop can also convert other (classic) mopeds to electric.

An ARD video report (Einfach genial: Henriettes Geschichte) of the Simson S50 conversion is available on the following URL:

The moped can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide.


2023 Simson Schrauberwerkstatt Schweina models

Simson S50 electric conversion moped 100
18650 Lithium
120 km


Stadt in der Stadt e.V. (Simson Schrauberwerkstatt)
Marktgasse 2
36448 Bad Liebenstein
OT Schweina

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