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Horwin CR6 Pro

Horwin CR6 Pro electric moped
Horwin CR6 Pro electric moped 85
Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 85
Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 85
Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 85
Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 85
Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 85
Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 85
Horwin CR6 Pro electric moped 85
Battery18650 Lithium
Range130 km
Charge Time3 hours
Power11 kW (14.8 hp)
made in China  


ModelCR6 Pro
Power11 kW (14.8 hp)
Weight140 kg
Battery18650 Lithium
Battery Life2,000 cyclesโ„น
Range130 km
Charge Time3 hours

The CR6 Pro is a electric moped from electric vehicle manufacturer Horwin from China. The company has its own factory and is dedicated to state of the art electric vehicles. Its R&D team includes professional racers from Germany, Austria and China.

The CR6 Pro has a powerful 11,000 watt electric motor for a top speed of 105 km/h. The motor provides 303 Nm torque for an acceleration from 0-60 km/h in 5 seconds.

The motor is oil cooled for optimal performance.

The moped has a lithium battery for a range of 130 km. The battery is of the same type as the batteries in the Tesla Model S.

The CR6 Pro has a 5-speed manual gearbox for a nostalgic cafe racer driving experience and improved acceleration.

The moped has front and rear disc brakes with EBS.

The moped provides comfortable space for two passengers.

The moped has many innovations including key-less start and anti-theft.

Horwin provides 2 years warranty on the battery.

The moped is available in many colors.

The moped can be ordered online and is shipped worldwide.


2023 Horwin models

CR6 ProHorwin CR6 Pro electric moped 100
18650 Lithium
130 km
CR6Horwin CR6 electric moped 7200 watt 100
18650 Lithium
150 km
EK3Horwin EK3 electric scooter 6700 watt 100
18650 Lithium
200 km
SK3Horwin SK3 electric scooter 6200 watt 100
21700 Lithium
300 km

Sales Department

HORWIN Europe GmbH
Kammersdorf 173
A-2033 Kammersdorf

Phone: +43 2953 23 25
Facebook Messenger:

International Sales

33-1 Building, Hengsheng Science & Technology Park
Beitanghe Road No.8
Tianning District
Changzhou, Jiangsu

Phone: +86 519 80585808
Facebook Messenger:

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